West Houston
July 3, 2003

A plane from my FBO was in Houston getting a new interior. Originally, I had planned to ferry the aircraft over to West Houston (IWS), but the weather was crummy and I wasn't IFR current (how embarassing!). The good part of the story is that while the aircraft was in the shop I regained my currency and was happy to ferry the plane back.

These pictures are from the trip to pick up the aircraft. I got a call at work asking how soon I could get up to the airport, and an hour and a half later I was in the back of a Duchess at 11,000 feet. There were some scattered showers that were building into something more and made for some interesting pictures. I wisely waited out the storms and flew back later in the day.

Click on the pictures to get a bigger version.
On the way to Houston, climbing through ... say 6,000. Looks better than Flight Simulator!

As we got closer to Houston more storms were building. We're roughly south of College Station here.

Ah the joy of an Instrument Rating. We passed around a couple of these "localized" showers.

A shot out the front, inbound (I think) procedure turn for IWS.