August 3, 2003

In my never ending quest to build cross-country time for a commercial ticket, I took a trip to a place I'd heard people mention in a positive light: Castroville, TX. While I didn't exactly find it to be a must-visit place, the gas was cheap, people were friendly, and the air conditioner was turned on high.

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One of the many new subdivisions Northwest of town. The green roofs in the lower left are a school and the brown area in the lower right (now full of houses) used to be an impromptu missile range. Meaning, of course, that's the field where we launched model rockets.

The Castroville Airport's claim to fame is having some of the cheapest gas around. When I was there it was $1.90/gal self-serve. The town is southwest of San Antonio.

Lakeway is a town on the South side of Lake Travis. I never have figured out what the ovular black/green thing to the left of the airport is.

More of Lakeway. There's a golf course that snakes around among the houses at the bottom of the picture. This day the lake level was low and some of the "temporary" islands that become a hazard can be seen.

Mansfield Dam is the reason Lake Travis is. The circular drive to the left of the dam is a popular spot for stargazing.